3 in 1 cable have all kinds of fast charging and high-speed transferring cables in this category. It includes all well-known brands like Ugreen, Romoss, Anker, Samsung, Baseus, Remax, Mi, and much more. We have this latest 3 in 1 cable of premium quality. You can use them with any two different compatible mobile devices at the same time. Just connect your two different mobiles with two different connectors with your smartphone to quickly charge them simultaneously. Enjoy the amazing fast charging features without any interruption in the performance and have the best quality in the long run. These cables have 1 micro cable, 1 type-c cable, and 1 lightning cable attached to them. These charging cables are made up of different wire materials depending on the brand which you are going to choose for you. These charging cables fully support the fast transfer of any multimedia and gaming files into your computer. All these 3 in 1 cables are without any compromise in their quality.

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