Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mah Fast Charging Power Bank

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  • High-Speed Charging
  • 10000mAh/22.5W Real Capacity
  • Fashionable Large LED Digital Display
  • Easy to Carry Power Bank
  • Superior Safety

Joyroom JR-QP191 22.5W 10000mAh Ultra-Fast Charging Power Bank in Black Color

Experience uninterrupted power on the go with the Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank. With its sleek design and advanced features, it’s the perfect companion for travelers, commuters, and anyone who needs reliable power on demand.

Joyroom JR-QP191 22.5W 10000mAh Portable Fast Charging Power bank

Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh Power Bank Exciting Features

  • The classic texture on the premium ABS+PC fireproof material, with smooth-cut edging design, comfortable to hold and portable.
  • Stay informed about your battery status in real-time with the aid of the prominent LED display, ensuring you never lose track of your power levels.
  • Experience the versatility of the Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh power bank, which supports a range of quick charge protocols including PD3.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, and PE.
  • Discover the exceptional features of this one-of-a-kind portable charger, including its outstanding LED indicator. With a percentage-based readout, it provides an accurate display of the precise remaining power.
  • Experience the incredible charging capability of the Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh power bank, capable of charging most phones 3-5 times and multiple USB devices, providing an average of 9 days of uninterrupted usage per charge.
  • Rest assured that your battery remains protected at all times with the Joyroom JR-QP191 power bank’s comprehensive built-in safeguards, including over-charging, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. Say goodbye to worries of overcharging your battery or wasting energy.
  • Rest easy knowing that the Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh power bank is certified by CE and FCC, employing flame retardant materials and incorporating intelligent circuitry. This guarantees reliable protection against overcharging, short-circuiting, and discharging, safeguarding the well-being of your devices. Charge your devices with complete peace of mind, knowing that safety is a top priority.

Joyroom JR-QP191 Unmatched Power and Portability

The Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank is designed to be your reliable charging companion. Say goodbye to the frustration of low battery warnings and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a powerful solution at your fingertips.

Fast Charging Technology Rapidly Recharge your Devices

Equipped with advanced fast charging technology, the Joyroom JR-QP191 power bank delivers a rapid charging experience for your devices. With its high-speed output, you can quickly recharge your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices, saving you valuable time and keeping you connected throughout the day. No more waiting around for hours for your devices to charge – get back to what matters most in no time.

Joyroom High Capacity Battery

Featuring a high capacity 10000mAh battery, the Joyroom JR-QP191 ensures that you have ample power to keep your devices running for extended periods. Stay connected, capture memories, and stay productive without worrying about running out of battery.

Optimal Charging Efficiency with Joyroom JR-QP191

The Joyroom JR-QP191 incorporates intelligent power management technology, which optimizes the charging process to ensure maximum efficiency. This smart feature automatically adjusts the power output based on the connected device’s requirements, preventing overcharging, overheating, and potential damage to your devices. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are in safe hands.

Universal Compatibility Works with all the Devices

No matter what devices you own, the Joyroom JR-QP191 power bank has got you covered. With its universal compatibility, it works seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and more.

Sleek and Durable Design

No matter what devices you own, the Joyroom JR-QP191 power bank has got you covered. With its universal compatibility, it works seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and more.

Easy Monitoring of Power Levels with Joyroom JR-QP191

The LED indicator adds convenience to your charging experience, empowering you to stay in control of your devices’ power needs.

What’s in the Box?

1 x Power Bank with Cable + 1 x English and Chinese User Manual + Other items not included.

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Additional information

Model Number

JR – QP191

Lithium Polymer Battery Capacity

10000mAH 3.7V (37Wh)

Rated Capacity

6000mAh (5V=3A) _x005f Energy conversion rate: ≥80%


5V=3A, 9V=2A, 12V= 1.5a

Micro Input

5V=2A, 9V=2A, 12V= 1.5a

Type-C Output

5V=3A, 9V=2.22A, 12V=1.67A

USB1/USB2 Output

4.5V=5A, 5V= 4.5a, 9V=2A, 12V=1.5A

USB+Type-C Total Output

5V=3A Product size: 150*69*16.5mm(l * W * H)

Packing Size

93*24*158mm (l * W * H)

Shell Material

ABS+PC fireproof material

Appearance Process

Double Sided Laser Lines

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Joyroom 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

Joyroom JR-QP191 10000mah Fast Charging Power Bank

 4,000.00 4,500.00 (-11%)

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